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Ashamed, Scared & Shocked!

Hey there,

I was actually writing something else when suddenly this came to my notice- “Dhoni’s 5-year-old daughter Ziva is getting Rape Threats after CSK lost an IPL match to Kolkata


Who are these people? Who are their parents? Do they even know what Rape really feels like?

Okay! I’ve had enough now. So let’s have a conversation about your favorite topic- SEX!

When a Penis (male reproductive organ) enters a Vagina (female reproductive organ) it’s called SEX. It’s something very normal. It’s how you and I are here. Two individual willingly wanting to indulge in sexual pleasure is normal. You want pictures of the private parts, GOOGLE IT! You want pictures of how it’s done, GOOGLE IT! You want videos of the act, GOOGLE IT! Even if you’re really horny for some reason that you cannot control your urge to have sex, there’s porn and prostitution, GOOGLE IT!

What you’re not supposed to do is, forcefully insert your private part into another’s. That categorizes as RAPE, MOLESTATION, FORCEFUL SEX and that is NOT RIGHT! What it does to the victim is- pains them, angers them, upsets them, make them feel powerless, helpless, used and ashamed. Not for the moment but for the rest of her life. When she goes out, she walks with her head down so that no one sees her (that’s what she assumes, if she’s not looking at anyone, no one is looking at her), whenever she wears her clothes, she checks them 10 times if the bra-strap is visible or not, if her clothes are not hugging her curves tightly, if the dupatta is covering her chest or not, if the neck of her kurta isn’t giving anyone any glimpse of the breasts that lies beneath. She will shiver at every touch from the other sex, she will not want to travel in a crowded bus, she would not want to walk her way back home, she would not want to read news (for rapes have become so common these days that no news ends without one).Not only this, she will blame herself all her life for numerous things and would surrender at every argument in the middle. The world won’t be the same for her anymore and neither will she be herself. The smiles will have hesitation, the laughs would be thought of multiple times before it comes out, the eyes will almost always be moist and it will be difficult for her to trust anyone. Sex for her would become torture and even if she ever wants to have it the natural way, the unpleasant memory of the past won’t let her have ONE moment in her entire life. She will be restless, overthinker, scared and cautious all the time. At nights when she will be awake, she’ll cry silently without a reason, if she’s pouring sweat while she’s asleep, she might just be living that cruel moment again.

She’d be secretive and won’t open up to any of her friends for she’ll be scared to be judged the same way she judges herself everytime. She’ll lose her voice in matters, there is this fear that if she doesn’t agree to the other person she might face CONSEQUENCES and that she’s not ready for it. You think it’s a one-time thing? It’s so much more. When she gets married, sex won’t be her need, coz she’s still scared. Will she tell anyone about it? Maybe not! Because there are so many things that’ll follow. Some will question her clothes, some her smiles, some her friendship with men, some her time of coming back home and then there are some who will tell her how much she deserved what happened to her. Her upbringing will be questioned, her ambitions will be an excuse for others to blame her for what happened to her in her childhood maybe. And all this, because a man could not control his urge? Or in this case to punish someone else who is related to her! Really?

It’s a goddamn game and before you start playing or watching a game, please learn some sportsmanship spirit. Learn that it’s okay to lose sometimes, learn that the world won’t end because of a defeat, learn that if a game is being played, one can only win if the other one loses. Burning houses, buses, pelting stones at houses and family members of the players wasn’t enough for the uneducated, that it has come down to this?

It’s highly shameful and disturbing to see how people have become these days. What kind of a punishment is this, and for what, losing a cricket game? Really?

I feel like blurting out a universe right now, writing pages after pages, but I guess I am not in a right state of mind for that and that I need to keep it till here.

Thanks for listening to me and I hope you can change or save a life. If you come across a victim who suddenly becomes quiet around these topics, probe only if you have the time and patience to support her or else just change the topic, it’s easy. Else your words might be the reason she won’t sleep that night. And if you see a man or a woman having these sort of dominating tendencies or behavior, please try to make them see the light. Try and talk to them, make them understand the other person’s situation how it ruins everything for them.

I know it won’t change the world if there is one less Rape, but trust me you can change someone’s world by this.

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