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You Matter

You carry that load everyday?

Smiling, when you feel like crying

Walking, to tire yourself up,
For a goodnight’s sleep

Saying “I’m fine” with a smiley
Just after writing your own suicide note

Keeping yourself busy with work
Just to feel fine

Don’t you want to fall apart in front of the person
Who you are sure will stay, even after seeing you shatter

Or you are not sure if you have any such person left?

Has he left?
And you’re alone, waiting for the impossible?

It’s different type of pain
When you don’t cry anymore

You just take a deep breath, swallow your tears, while your nostrils are exhaling
And just feel that cold chill inside

Numbing it is
Worse than feeling too many things at the same time

Still you choose to give it another go

No one knows you’re in your second inning
No one would know what changed
No one will see the scars which still bleeds fresh

They will still complain
Still misbehave
Still treat you badly

But now, they would not matter
Now they would not hurt you
Coz now they mean nothing to you

You’re strong
Not coz you survived
Coz you chose YOU over everyone

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