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You Matter

You carry that load everyday?Smiling, when you feel like cryingWalking, to tire yourself up, For a goodnight's sleepSaying "I'm fine" with a smiley Just after writing your own suicide noteKeeping yourself busy with workJust to feel fineDon't you want to fall apart in front of the person Who you are sure will stay, even after... Continue Reading →

Daughter’s Day- From A Happy Daughter!

I miss being a daughter! Being a daughter to me means being overly pampered and overly protected by my parents. You sleep to your heart's content and wake up without thinking of what you have to cook today or when to do the laundry and by when should I finish cleaning up. Being a daughter... Continue Reading →

Ashamed, Scared & Shocked!

Hey there, I was actually writing something else when suddenly this came to my notice- “Dhoni’s 5-year-old daughter Ziva is getting Rape Threats after CSK lost an IPL match to Kolkata” Seriously???? Who are these people? Who are their parents? Do they even know what Rape really feels like? Okay! I’ve had enough now. So... Continue Reading →

The Fire Inside…

He called it sex,She, making love.Thing was the same,Difference was in the flame.  One was there to burn,The other one to melt in turn.His version was wild,Like a grown up child.  Crissing & crossing,Some tossing & bossing.Hers was called passion,No boundaries of fake fashion.  She liked her way, so slow,Till her cheeks were, pink enough... Continue Reading →

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