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I had a tongue, a voice and a lot to say!
Just not an upbringing to answer you back.

Yes, I do. I know things about you, you’re scared of letting anyone know about you. You know that the kind of person you are and the things you have done, people will ‘spit on your face’ (as you said it yourself) and that’s why the anger, that’s why the loud voice, that’s why the rage! You told me that I was lying when I had proof. You said that I was not to be believed when all I did was hide your flaws behind the smile on my face. You and your family questioned me on why did I ever open my mouth today after years of silence (coz according to you and your family I should have suffered in silence for a lifetime just to save your ugly faces in public). I had answers to all your questions, but now, in this moment when you said you don’t believe me for telling you the truth, you are no longer worth enough for me to open my mouth and justify myself. You have lost me then and there for lifetime and now I’m smiling for I was a fool to let you matter.

Fun Fact: We justify ourselves in front of someone, only till that person matters to us.

So if someone is desperately trying to justify themselves and their actions in front of you, think before you say something ugly and show them your disbelief. They might not try to, if you hadn’t mattered for them. Value their efforts.

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