Wonderful Day!

Hey there,

Today has been a wonderful day! Isn’t it?

Not because something good has happened today, but because nothing bad happened and I am pretty pleased by the fact. Considering the kind of days we have survived lately and the kind of news we have been hearing lately, it’s good to have a day that’s not negative. Maybe its because I haven’t read the news today at all, maybe its because I didn’t interact with a human soul all day or maybe its because I didn’t even leave home today. But the fact of the matter is that it has been a peaceful day and I am thankful for a day like this!

No debates, no sorrys, no RIPs, no fights, no regrets, no frowns on the face and that makes my day a good day. My oxygen levels have been 99, the new Diljit song has been on my mind the whole day and I slept in the evening for an hour. That’s too much of happiness for me. What about you? Do you like these days? Or do you wait for something good to happen to call it a good day?

I ate my favorite mithaai and a bowl of pomegranate. Scrolled and wish-listed another 10 things to buy (which obviously I am not going to buy :P). My phone has an 80%+ charging even now and I did not bathe after a long time. I received some whatsapp messages which assured me that my loved ones are in the pink of their health and moods and I today had an uninterrupted Wifi network to support me throughout the day.

Some would call it an unproductive day, maybe on a hyper active day I would myself call a day like this UNFRUITFUL, but for now I’m happy! I’m grateful for days like this. It feels like a staycation in a hotel, maybe coz I did not cook anything as well. Maybe because I did not worry about cleaning the house or doing the chores today. It felt lazy, detoxing, relaxing and happy. Not everyone gets a day like this and usually when we do get a day like this we crib that it was a boring day and that I did not do anything or maybe something else (which my heart doesn’t even want to anticipate). But yes, it has been a good day and I am quite pleased and grateful!

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