How are you today?

Hey there,

I hope your day was good!

You might think I’m writing a formal email to someone but I genuinely meant to ask you if your day was good! It’s basic, yet so rare these days. Back in time I always used to ask my dad this-

“How was your day, papa?”

It wasn’t formality or show-off, but I really wanted to know how was it afterall. If it was nice, I would have wanted to know more about it. If it wasn’t I would try as hard as possible to make the remaining part of the day better for him. And that doesn’t mean it was a privilege for my dadda only, it was for every member of my family, be it maa or bhaiya or even myself for that matter. Every night I was asked how my day was, how my school was, what did I do with my friends and what did I learn that day. We used to discuss every minute detail with each other over the dinner. It was like pouring our hearts out! Bhaiya was working 2 jobs at that time and it was so amazing to hear about his day, his achievements, his arguments at workplace, papa’s reactions on it and everything about every conversation we had. We never needed friends back then, the four of us were enough for each other, too much sometimes 😉 Our dramas, our anxieties, our anger, our doubts, everything flowed between us so effortlessly and yes, all that started with “How was your day?”

A simple question!

We hear this even today but how many of the people around you really answer it honestly? How many honest answers are you ready for? These days the conversation ends at “Good!”

We do not even thank the person asking this question. “I’m good, thank you! How have you been?” would have been better no? I mean today, to how many does it matter or how many of them really cares to ask if you’re alright or not. But we are so ungrateful for the people who still care that we’re unknowingly making this world a tougher place to survive. The ones who used to ask these questions have been disappointed with the answers and its non-existence around them and have stopped asking others themselves. We don’t get happy if someone cares, we don’t ask them back if they are doing well or not and that’s disappointing considering how much we talk about basic manners and courtesy and mental heath these days. Things are getting tough because we are missing out on the basic things. Today we all want a friend who supports us at every step in our lives, but for how many of them do we become that friend?

We’re basically selfish people who loves inward attention without caring for other people’s need for attention and love. They are as human as us, and this is the one thing we miss out the most.

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