Daily Blogs

Hey there,

So I’m starting this daily Blog that I have been thinking of since forever. Nothing fancy, just daily experiences, thoughts, doubts, self-debates and a universe of things I want to talk about to myself or maybe into someone’s ears sometimes. I would love to hear that from you as well. I have written diary since for as long as I can remember, so I don’t think it should be difficult. Even though I call it a Daily Blog, I might not write it everyday.

See, that’s the thing with me, sometimes I really want to do something, but then when I start doing something else, I get all drowned into that one thing that I do, forgetting about this one thing that I really wanted to do. Its not like I am doing something against my wish, it’s just that in order to finish what I start, I keep the other things on hold. So I guess I suck at multitasking. I want to do one thing at a time and give it my all. In the process, I ignore all the other things that matter as well.

Am I making sense to anyone of you? I hope I am.

I know I am kind of old fashioned and by now I have finally become comfortable with this fact as well. All this writing and reading is considered to be lame in this digital era, you google everything these days. But I want to hear personal experiences, daily struggles, be ears to someone who doesn’t have anyone, tell my heart out to someone who feels the same way as I do, make friends like the old ways, not based on my sense of fashion or my ability to party or not. So I find peace in this and Daily Blogs it is 🙂

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