The Blurring Smoke

You’re the Cigarette I smoke daily,
You excite me and calm me down eventually,
You look dashing and all attractive everytime,
I try to resist you, but I fail to, somehow!

You’re harmful for me, but how I wish I could hold myself back,
The smoke irritates my nose and makes me cough,
But as if I have a choice!
You make my heart beat and race in a way it never had.

I guess you’re not good for me, I guess I should let you go,
But how can I give it a pass, when you’re the only one I have.
You provide me that temporary peace,
So how can I let that go away too?

How can I break the ‘US’
When you’re the only relief to my stress,
How can I part ways from you, How to push you away ,
Though I know you have ruined me inside and have let my colors fade.

I’ll let you go from the 1st that’s going to come,
And I hope you’ll be the cordial EX that will never call me back.
I’ll miss you for sometime that’s sure,
But the damage you’ve done, will let me be away I hope!

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