Whatever I Wear

There’s more to me,
Than the skin I have.
There’re better things,
Than the things you imagine.

Look into me,
Don’t just look at me,
Coz you have no idea,
How many times I’ve been stared like this!

People have touched me,
Wherever was convenient,
Erected their crotch,
For the skirt I wear.

So, I know what you’re thinking about,
Seeing that clothes, you ain’t aroused.
You were also aroused, when I was a kid,
For I was wearing, what all kids did.

You imagine in Burkha,
You imagine in Sari,
So don’t you dare teach me,
What’s an Indian Nari!

I am one,
& I know how to be,
For by now I’ve learnt,
Whatever I wear, You’ll see!

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