The Silent Chaos…

I’m Fine, is all she said,
Smile on the face, this lie is what she fed,
No one knows & no one will know,
Inside her, what comes and go.

Calm & quiet, she remains outside,
Calmer & quieter, she becomes everytime,
Alone she’s an erupting Volcano,
Destroying herself, with her inner Tornado.

Every night, she becomes this tigress,
Who hunts herself & becomes lifeless,
The body bleeds & the soul too cries,
She yells within & hell comes out.

Eyes with a drought & heart burnt-out,
She sits & think, what she’s been throughout,
No family, no friend, could make that lips smile,
Death was her prayer, every once in a while.

God has never, heard her voice,
But inside her,was a growing noise,
She was sure, of this time too,
So taking charge, she’d cut herself through.

Ended her life, her eyes were still wake,
She had tolerated her life, for other’s sake,
Now dead was what, she was on the outside,
Though she’d stopped living, a long ago inside!

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