What A Girl Wants?

It’s not that no one has raised this question before,
It’s not that this has not been answered before.
But this sudden random question left me pondering,
What does a girl really want?

It seems so easy, yet so tough,
It seems so straight, yet so complicate,
It’s just there, still no where,
It’s stuck in my throat, refusing to come over.

What a girl wants?
What does she wish for?
A mystery for the world,
And unknown to all.

But it’s not an illusion,
It exists afterall.
Let me make an effort, to put it across my way,
For I’m a girl too, at the end of the day.

A girl wants a smile & she to be the reason
A girl wants to be loved, all day and all season
A girl wants to protect her sibling, be it younger or older,
A girl wants never to cry, but when she does, her tears want shoulder.

It’s not that anyone’s would matter & that she would use someone for it,
She just wants someone to know her every bit.
She wants to be practical, but always turns out to be emotional,
She wants that SOMEONE, for whom, these emotions are not dramatical.

She wants to be a princess, but behaves like a brat,
She want to do the ‘Masti’ and the deep-hearted chat.
She wants to listen to others, their stories, their experience,
She wants to be beautiful, no matter what’s her appearance.

She wants to lessen the burden, people carry along with them,
She wants to make them happy and treat them like a gem.
Material she isn’t, so no ‘Gucci’, ‘Prada’, ‘Armani’,
She just wants a “Good morning sweetie” and a “Goodnight my dear honey”.

She wants the small surprises, the efforts and the sparkling eyes,
She wishes to fulfill your dreams and gift you that money can’t buy.
She wants to chitter and chatter and talk all day long,
But she’s silent for the people would judge her to be wrong.

She wants to be his priority, but tells him to spend his time with family,
Alone she sits and waits for him, to return to her happily.
She’ll tell you thousand times a thing, which you will fail to understand,
So she’ll be silent forever and lonely will she stand.

She wants to do things perfectly, make efforts and sincere tries,
But she’ll fall prey to her memory and end up hearing the angry cries.
She wants to leave yesterday behind and make most out of present,
But suddenly she’s scared to talk and let it all vent.

She’s happy, yet so sad,
She’s talkative, yet introvert,
She’s funny, yet so teary eyed,
She’s Beautiful, still Ugly why?

It’s still a mystery and always will be,
For what a girl wants, is still a secret with me!

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