Papa’s Little Girl

Favorite Child

No matter how much parents say that “both my children are like my two eyes, equally important” don’t fall for it! We all know inside that it is a lie. Every parent has a favourite child and as a matter of fact, every child has a favourite parent, which is generally son in case of mothers and daughter in case of fathers and likewise. Sometimes we resemble them and sometimes we behave like them (generally the trait you find the most irritating in your parents will surely be inherited by you).

So you are someone’s favourite child always.

I am too!

I am my father’s favourite and will always be!

Generally sons are craved for in the society that we live in, but I came to know about it only from my friends in school. However, I could never really relate to the feeling because I come from a family of boys and men where my grandfather or my father never had a sister. My father is the eldest son and his eldest child is also a boy, that is my brother. So I can say that before me, my family hadn’t seen a girl child and so I was the one who was craved for, for the longest time.

Lucky me!

The moment I was born, I was declared my father’s child as I resembled him a little, which is such a compliment, because he is the most handsome man I have ever seen on this planet! His dimples are to die for, his skin is butter and I cannot even today match his tanned skin with my fresh one. Hair a little curly and hazel without chemicals, eyes with a sparkle that even diamonds are ashamed of. Obviously I am proud to be like him even if the proximity is in decimals. Although I have only inherited his weird features like a half eyebrow, some diseases like thyroid, bleeding nose, etc. but still I am happy to have him as an evident part of me, both visible and not so visible.

I know favouritism is not something to be proud of, but knowing that no matter what, a person is in your support is a feeling to die for. I am wrong on many occasions, infact, sometimes while uttering things at home, I am fully aware of it as well, but those sometimes I want to argue. Sometimes to irritate someone at home, sometimes to vent out a frustration that has been stuck inside, sometimes just for pleasure and sometimes to make myself feel good that no matter what, my father will support me in the most hilarious ways.

He isn’t a bad father who teaches me wrong things. He is just my best friend who takes care that I am not alone in a crowd but lectures me in private about how and where did I go wrong. After annoying people with our baseless arguments, he has also taught me to say sorry if someone is offended or hurt (though we make sure the same topic comes up in a day or two just to see if that person, my mom or brother or grandpa or anyone else, is still pissed off about it). But trust me, life with him is not only easy, it is fun, especially because I am his FAVOURITE!

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  1. With in 1 hour I have gone through all..your loving relationship with dad..truly amazingly u expressed.. To some extent I could see my dad in your dad, the way he explained you on girl’s issues too.
    Life is beautiful, u can face any issue.. In a simple way.. With family support and love.

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