Is it really OVER?

The feelings

The butterflies

The tingles

The twitches

Are all gone?


I never knew this could happen!

I have always been old-fashioned that ways

I thought things lasts

I am still stuck to that age

Where repairing things was still in fashion

Use & Throw was unheard of

Life was slow? Yes!

But a lot more meaningful

How did he move on?

Was I a Station? A Phase? A Book?

And if he can move on

Why can’t I?

Why is it so difficult for me?

When I wasn’t that important for you,

Why are you so essential?

I am not a stalker, NO!

But I dream of you everyday

I am not an intruder either

But I keep looking through your Social Media

I won’t say it brings me joy

I have slept crying with your Facebook Profile open

Amidst washroom breaks

I have seen you online on Instagram

I typed and deleted and retyped and stared and deleted

JOY isn’t the word

STUCK might be

Am I stuck to you?

Why am I stuck to you?

Wasn’t I supposed to MOVE ON as well?

Wasn’t I supposed to UNLOVE you as well?

I don’t harass you, do I?

I just think of you

And if you still consider that being stuck,

Consider Google-ing LOVE!

I guess that was my problem

When he was in a relationship, I was in love

So he could move on and I am still stuck.

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