Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger..

Acquaintance he was, like the thousands in my Friendlist,
Social Media friendship, with no intended Plot- Twist.

Some Hi’s & Hey’s, re-living the good old days,
We told things about ourselves,
From morning 8 to night Twelves.

He told me about his awkwardness, when unknowns surrounded,
How he was out of words, and how his heart pounded.

I wasn’t an introvert really, I could talk to everyone I met,
I was moody & chatter-box, and could go hours without a drop of sweat.

His ways were new to me and so was I to him,
But we started bonding on the opposites we had,
& the conversations stretched without a trim.

We made no sense, for most of the time,
But we loved the time, every dime.

The one who didn’t care to answer calls, mostly
Was now glued to his phone closely.

For messages would fly untamed,
But he was not to be blamed,
Coz it was him & her and then her & him,
& the sparkling eyes would just not dim.

Till one of them dozes off,
While the other is still “Typing”
It was a silent way of visible smile-bringing,
& invisible tear-wiping.

Conversations were now cozier,
Cheeks turned rosier
For they were now best friends
Whose stories never ends.

Not just stories, now they had tales to tell,
Experiences, past, future, craziness,
A whole lot of treasure to dwell.

Now friends and family, started worrying,
As they saw the lines, to start blurrying

They would just talk to each other
They would just talk about each other
They became family in disguise,
For every lows and all the highs.

Now they knew each other’s dreams & fears
And whether they were free or busy
For one another, they were all ears!

Days turned months & now it was years
The people around, left them in tears.

Barred they were from conversations like before,
But no one could stop their hearts to pour.

Coz they weren’t friends anymore,
For him, she sure wasn’t just a Whore.

Whatever it was, it was mutual for sure,
Substitute for medicine,for sickness, they were the cure!

But now they could not talk,
Not even the social media stalk,
No matter how much they wished,
Together, they could not walk.

So here they were, broken inside
And smiling outside rather,
For they were now Strangers
Who knew everything about each other!

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